Hello and greetings from Coast Salish Territory !

Your words say so much, and I’m grateful that someone else is hesitant about art galleries. I’m getting some courage up to get my work out there. I admire the energy and strength in your resolve to sell in the ways that you do.

I love the idea of a fridge in the centre of a room and all your magnets there to behold.

Thank you for imparting knowledge.

Best wishes,


South Delta, BC

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Aug 2, 2023Liked by Harry Stooshinoff

Marveling at your installation in the booth. Masterful job of hanging all of those pieces. Looks superb! Its a long trip to Canada, so sadly, I will miss seeing the show. Hope its fun and you sell out!

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Aug 23, 2023Liked by Harry Stooshinoff

Hi Harry, Your email is timely since I was recently asked to apply to a co-op artist run gallery in Chelsea NYC. I have shown at this gallery for juried exhibitions in the last few years. The idea of exhibiting my work in NYC where I went to school and have many artistic connections is appealing to me. The cost for the membership is roughly $10K over a 3-3 1/2 year period. I would welcome your feedback. You are a great promoter of your own work. My hat goes off to you for the hard work and dedication you bring to your treasury of artworks. Your paintings are lovely to behold.

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Aug 5, 2023Liked by Harry Stooshinoff

Wonderful Harry. The work and your whole project. The line in your drawings is masterful.

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Aug 3, 2023Liked by Harry Stooshinoff

Beautiful paintings Harry!

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What a wonderful post, I really enjoyed every bit! Also, I have one of those magnet pieces and I love staring at it every morning while i make tea to start my day or whenever i walk by, thank you!

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Thanks, Suzanne! Yes, it was a lot of work setting that up, but I hope it will be a bit easier this time around, as I'll show less work. I don't actually expect to see any of my online pals, but you never know :)

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